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well, goodbye

2017-03-21 07:39:16 by creeperboy698

are you all happy now? are you happy now that i'm gone? are you happy that you have blammed ALL of my stuff that i put care into for weeks and weeks? well newgrounds community, you are all stupid, heartless, cold-blooded bullies and i hope that you all die. you have forced me to make my account inactive forever, 1 slightly bad game and everyone loses trust, well, that's just the internet for you.



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2017-03-21 07:51:35

sorry to hear that. don't give up though, we've all had stuff get blammed. keep posting though, one slightly bad game isn't all that crippling, just take what you learned from that one and make a slightly less bad game, and then take what you learn from that game and make an even more slightly less bad game. at some point you'll get really good! (but not if you give up and throw in the towel just because a bunch of randos gave your game low stars on one random website). i hope you don't give up for good!


2017-03-21 08:00:55

oh my bad another one...
well... this time Barbarian Said everything...
i can only add that if you come back, you need a certain ammount of not giving a @#$%^ to suceed in life. not only in music, nobody cares about anyone not only on the internet by everywhere. and it's alright.
no need to be so dramatic, we can deal with that :3
there's nothing more fun then to learn something useful from all those bullies and keep going when they expected you to give up. you should try it too >:3


2017-03-21 08:23:51

This GaiBoi, xd?


2017-03-21 08:47:24

It's just one game, dude! Oh wait, you made it in scratch - wait until you are older than 7.

Newgrounds is not for little kids making scratch games, it is a grown up community, where scratch games should not be uploaded. How is this featured? A little kid practically crying about a scratch game. I had problems like this once too you know. You are not alone. But actually TRY to upload some good stuff. Search "define resilience" into google.


2017-03-21 10:01:49

dont give up some peoples starting games are awful mine included i couldn't game design for shit when i started off, even got lots of lovely reviews but as long as you have fun making the game i think thats all that matters.


2017-03-21 10:42:07

Hey don't be so negative, not all people are cold hearted people. i never played your games but i'm sure they are fine. people mabey have high standarts but don't give up show them what you got and prove to them that you can make the best game ^_^ i believe in you just try it okay don't give up that doesn't help anyone.